Primus Multi-fuel kit for ETA Power EF Review

Primus Multi-fuel kit

Stove comparison chart

This is a great addition to the ETA Power EF.

I’ve been a huge fan of the ETA Power EF, because of it’s over-engineered fuel efficiency design, but it has one issue for me: the requirement to use gas canisters. While i confess to loving the simplicity and efficiency of gas canisters, a part of me thinks that it’s a good idea to use those less because recycling gas canisters is a pain and results in more trash. I’m not a tree hugger, and don’t want to be too drop-wise-and-bucket-foolish, but am happy to make simple changes that decrease my “trash footprint” a little.

This product allows me to us the ETA Power EF with liquid fuels, and that alone is a huge deal for me.

Liquid fuels are a bit of a pain compared to gas canisters, but that’s okay. Once you get used to the process, it becomes second nature. You’ll always be slower in setup and packaway than everyone else with their jetboils and msr reactors, but you’ll also have a good group cooking setup and fuel that can function along a broader temperature scale than most gas canisters (some gas canisters have mixtures better suited to cold, but most have a fairly narrow temperature range)

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