GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset Review

I’ve had this Cookset for several years and have used it more than a few times during car camp and backpacking trips.

All packed up

All packed up

The whole kit nests within a carry kit / wash basket. The 1.8 liter pot is home two 2 food bowls, 2 insulated “mugs” and 2 folding sporks. The lid is little holes which enables you to drain water if you’re making pasta(hold the lid though, otherwise you end up with dirty pasta.) This was designed for 2 people, hence “Dualist”, but I think it could be used by 4 people provided the other 2 have some kind of spork, fork or chopsticks. Continue reading


Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System, Stainless Steel, 20-Ounce Review


This unit is ideal for day hikers or those who head out from a base camp.

The system is designed so you can heat up food, pour it into the thermos, and take the thermos with you during the day, to have hot food ready to eat while out and about.

As a backpacking system, this is a bit too heavy and for saving ounces, not ideal. Continue reading

Snow Peak Trek Combo Review


The Snow Peak Trek Combo is really two different products in one.

You can purchase the Snow Peak 900 (900ml pot + pan) or the Snow Peak 1400 (1400ml pot + pan), separately, but the two are sold together as this Trek Combo set. Continue reading


Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter Review

Sawyer Personal Water Bottle Filter

It takes a bit of getting used to, but this is pretty useful.

This unit is ideally suite to summer when you’re more interested in cooler drinks, and not expecting to do too much filtering water for boiling. Continue reading


GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit Review


It has tongs….nuff said.

Well, okay, maybe a little more.

The shaker is interesting in that a setup about the size of a single unit actually has 4 compartments. But it is rather tight. I’d rather have shakers this size that have only two compartments, but have two of them. Continue reading


Primus Eta Pot 3L Review


As heat exchanging high efficiency pots go, the Primus Eta Pot series is hard to beat.

While I can certainly use this on a variety of stoves I have, it’s original purpose was to work with the Primus ETA Power EF I recently purchased. Continue reading


MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set Review


Great set.

Love that there’s two bottles.  This only has two powder shakers though (well one, but it’s double ended). Would prefer 4.  Also, tongs would be nice (for pasta or bit of meat)

Otherwise, great kit


Optimus Heat Insulation Pouch Review


This heat pouch isn’t bad. It does what it was meant to do, and it has the advantage of looking tough enough to last quite a while, but I didn’t find it particularly convenient.

Getting the Terra HE Weekend pot into this unit is, while easy, not very smooth. For this reason, it’s easy to spill some hot liquid while transferring the pot from a stove to the cozy. Continue reading


Kuhn Rikon Cool Gripper, 7″, Review

KuhlRikonSiliconePotGripper IMG_8408

The plastic material feels solid, but has some give, and that give makes you use more energy to keep a firm grip.

The plastic needs to have less give.

But the Silicone pads are the best I’ve found for protecting non-stick coated pots. There’s really nothing better that I’ve found. Continue reading


Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cookset Review


What a great two person cookset for the backpacker who likes to spend a little extra time to cook up better food than your basic rehydration.

Apart from these, I also own the trek combo pot set (basically the trek 900 nested in the trek 1400), and while that set is nice because the hybrid summit also nests inside, the trek combo lacks a little in diameter. This isn’t a problem for stews, but it’s a bit of a problem for breakfast since the larger pan is still too small to place whole slices of spam in it. Continue reading


Snow Peak Mini Solo Hybrid Summit Cookset Review


In the last 3 years now, I’ve amassed so many stoves, pots, pans, cups, and other assorted backpacking cooking paraphernalia, and experimented with all of them both at home and on well over 30 backpacking trips and maybe 6 or 7 car camping trips that I’m starting to get pretty good at knowing what is needed for different types of trips, what’s overkill, and what’s not enough.  Continue reading


TOAKS Titanium 1600ml Pot and Pan Review


This Toaks Titanium 1600ml Pot with Pan is awesome.

I have quite a few titanium pots and pans from different manufacturers, because there’s been so much progress in lighter pots and pans for hikers and backpackers.

But this is one of my favorites. For two reasons: Continue reading


Optimus Terra HE 3 piece cookset Review

OptimusTerraHE3Piece IMG_1093

What a great piece of gear.

This set is heavier than a lot of titanium or anodized aluminum pot/pan setups out there today, but it’s also wider than many of them. I own quite a few pot-pan sets and for 3-4 people, this is my favorite setup. Continue reading


South Bend Fish Mouth Spreader Review


Can’t really comment on how this does as a fishing tool.

I use it to connect to a metal cup so I can hang it over a fire. In that capacity, it does just fine.

Will post some pictures sometime soon.


Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System Review


I can’t say enough good things about this water filter. Of all of Sawyer’s portable water filters (all pointone family), this one is by far the most useful and the most used.

It comes with the reverse “syringe” to back wash the filter, a small aluminum dirty water back and a rubber hose/straw. Continue reading


Snow Peak Hotlips 2 pack Review

Snow Peak Hotlips 2 pack

Very simple but great idea. The outer silicone lip is good enough for your lower lip. The inner is not the same size but rather just enough of a rim to cover the rim of a snow peak cup.

So this will not work well with other cups. Continue reading


Light My Fire Titanium Spork Review


This is a great utensil.

I’m not a huge fan of the uber popular spark for backpacking. I’d rather a fork be a fork and a spoon be a spoon. But I also never really need to use both at the same time.

This utensil has both, and a small serrated edge on the fork for some simple cutting, and is super light. Apart from it being a little long, I’m really happy with it and hope to get years of use out of it.


Optimus Terra Weekend HE .95L Pot Review



When I originally purchased this hard anodized single person cookset with heat exchanger, I was reasonably impressed but struggled to figure out a good way to use it (Edit:  It shaved about 30 seconds off water boiling time compared to my Snow Peak Trek 900, if I used the right stove and windscreen combination, competitive with JetBoil times, thus saving fuel).  But it’s become, over time, my preferred set when solo backpacking where I plan to do light cooking. Continue reading


Image® Water Filter (tiny) Review


This thing is so small, it’s…well…imagine you saw only full size doberman pincher dogs your whole life….and then one day you see a doberman pincher that’s a toy breed….the shock of the toy doberman being really small….that’s what it’s like when you see this thing for the first time. Continue reading


Coleman Egg Container (12 Count) Review

Coleman Egg Container (12 Count)

Car camping trip day 2: eggs in cooler, moved around in bear locker, taken out for a bit….dropped and shattered.

Egg spills are a major hassle.
a light drop and they shatter.
instantaneously lose precious food resources….
big sticky mess. Continue reading


Kuissential SlickDrip Silicone Coffee Dripper Review


Love this thing….love love love this thing.

A 1 piece, flexible, and tough filter that can pack anywhere? Shoooooot. After using it this past weekend on a car camping trip, I’m now of the opinion that this is useful not only on car camping trips but also for picnics, or even business trips if you’re picky about the coffee you drink. Continue reading


GSI Halulite Tea Kettle, 32oz Review

GSI Outdoors Halulite Tea Kettle

After spending time this weekend with this little kettle, it’s clear that kettles are pretty critical for car camping. You need the for tea or coffee or soup/instant noodles or to warm a bucket of water for cleaning…. Can you survive without one on a car camping trip? sure. Would you want to? Heeeeeck no. The compact nature of this unit makes it a little more convenient to pack, but what I’ve learned this trip is, if you’re running really low on space and need to go uber compact, take this kettle. If you can load up the car and afford to take a larger kettle, do so. a kettle is worth the space and weight cost. Continue reading


Water Purification Tablets (2G) Review


As emergencies go, this is a must have item.

I have a steripen that I can charge from my USB solar charger, but there may come a time when I need water, but have no charge and no sunlight. For this kind of scenario, a manual water cleaning process is a must have. And for that, a water purifier with a long shelf life is definitely the way to go. Continue reading


SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier Review


Steripens are pretty awesome conceptually.

And frankly, from the original classic to the latest and greatest, Steripens all work great. Continue reading


Coleman Aluminum Mess Kit Review

Coleman 5-piece Aluminum Mess Kit

Old school mess kits like the one I had when I was a kid. It’s a great little setup, and the only two problems have always been: the pan handle is not strong enough to hold the pan when there’s any significant amount of food cooking, bending so easily as to be almost useless. And the cup is pitifully small. But the cooking kettle with top? That piece is awesome, and the plate works just fine. Continue reading