ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes Review

Athletic Body Wipes by ShowerPill-(10 Wipes)

Excellent product. doesn’t leave any noticeable film on the skin. comes in a 10 pack. Great for car camping and backpacking


Quikclot Sport 50 Gram Package Review


Not too long ago, I went on a bicycle ride and got my second scrape in two months, just being stupid really. But unlike the first time, that was more surface scrape, this one cut a tad deepish. Not enough to be dangerous or need stitches, but enough to bleed black and a tad more flowing than you’d normally see. Continue reading

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel Review

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel

I’m not uber experienced in camping, and still struggle a bit with the lack of luxury. But in the weight to luxury ratio, I have a feeling even an experienced camper would take this along. Continue reading


EMT Gel – 1 ounce Review

EMT Gel - 1 ounce

I purchased this as I was looking at substitutes for more toxic and painful superglue.

They say it’s designed for pets, but this was recommended by a friend who has used it on himself when camping, and if he can use it, well, who am I to argue?

While I plan to leave superglue in my pack, this will be in both my 3 day pack as well as my med fak. Continue reading


Oasis Disposable Sterile Skin Stapler Review

Oasis Disposable Sterile Skin Stapler

This package comes sealed and disinfected. It’s disposable, and has enough staples for larger gashes. The lack of post use sterility means that it’s usable only for one deep gash, but that is likely all most hikes would need, because a cut that deserves this product will lead to extreme care from that point on as you would turn around and head straight back to the car and a hospital. Continue reading


Ever Ready First Aid Israeli Battle Review

Ever Ready First Aid Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing

I have heard nothing but good things about this battle dressing with its multiple uses in a variety of emergency situations to complement its primary purpose of dressing a wound. Continue reading




I just got this and already had occasion to use this when my wife burnt her hand getting food out of the oven.

It’s better than I expected. She is accident prone and her blisters are usually pretty big when she burns herself, but this time, instead of just cold water and an ice pack, we used the gel, and it made a world of difference. Continue reading


Elite First Aid First Aid – Medic Bag Review


Great kit, everything listed was included, as far as I can tell.
The bag is pretty high quality too

The one time use pocket cpr should really be replaced with an ADC ADSAFE Pocket Rescusitator + pump, and the burn kit should include burn gel, but at least they’re room in the bag to add these items. Continue reading