ZPacks Arc Haul + Accessories Review

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Base stats:
– 60L, 24oz (without accessories)
– Dimensions: 7.5″ x 12.5″ x 30″ (19 cm x 31.8 cm x 76 cm)

I’ve never considered myself to be an ultralight backpacker.  With lighter and lighter gear on the market, I still turn to heavier gear and luxury items often, and my pack for most trips is between 25-45lbs, depending on planned activities.

I finally got a chance to see what a 20lbs pack would be on a hike.  Could have gone even lighter, but 20lbs is already the lightest pack I’ve ever used by a wide margin, and it’s true that it makes a noticeable difference on a hike. Continue reading


Gregory Pack Baltoro 75 Men’s (2014) Review

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Gregory Pack Baltoro 75 Men’s

Unlike many other backpackers out there, my experience with the type of internal frame backpacks purchasable at REI or AnyMountain or any other sporting goods stores is rather limited. In fact, I only have one. The Gregory Baltoro 75 Men’s. Continue reading

Tatonka Lastenkraxe (Load Carrier) Review


I’ve done a fair bit of camping since the last review here, and I’ve purchased and used a few different packs since then.

In that time, I’ve learned a few new things about gear, and what can be done with what kinds of gear.

For the Lastenkraxe, I finally got around to ordering the dedicated packsack for it, and the difference is huge. Before, the Lastenkraxe was, at least for me, the load carrier to use when I had strangely shaped items and I wanted quick access to them. That, coupled with the fact that it always stands straight up, and it was worth bringing on a fairly wide variety of trips. But my system was unwieldy, and even when empty, the system weighed just under 15 lbs. That happens when you attach a complete pack with its own carry system (in my case, the Bergaus Centruio 45 with side pockets) to another pack system… Continue reading