Primus Multi-fuel kit for ETA Power EF Review

Primus Multi-fuel kit

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This is a great addition to the ETA Power EF.

I’ve been a huge fan of the ETA Power EF, because of it’s over-engineered fuel efficiency design, but it has one issue for me: the requirement to use gas canisters. While i confess to loving the simplicity and efficiency of gas canisters, a part of me thinks that it’s a good idea to use those less because recycling gas canisters is a pain and results in more trash. Continue reading

Quietstove Silent Cap for Primus OmniFuel Review


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I have previously purchased the the Omnilite muter damper cap and while these units are heavy for their size, the Omnifuel muter cap is significantly bigger and heavier than the Omnilite muter cap. (I also have the muter cap for the SVEA 123R)

Also, this muter cap has has four legs on it, which does add to overall bulk when packed separate from the Omnifuel. The Omnilite muter can has no legs, so ends up packed much flatter when separated. Continue reading

Primus Service/Maintenance Kit for OmniFuel Review


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This is a must have and a good service kit.

However, it should include the multi-tool. spares are pretty useless if the multi-tool breaks. Okay, that’s an exaggeration as you can take apart an Omnifuel using a leatherman, but brass damages easily, the the perfect fit of the multi-tool to the key components of the Omnifuel allows for less damage. And the leatherman doesn’t have the clearing thread used to clear the jets. Continue reading

Soto Pocket Torch Review


The fact that this only works with the transparent disposable lighters doesn’t bother me much since they’re readily available all over the place.

The jet works really well when the disposable is brand new, but even before the halfway point the jet starts to reduce strength significantly, and by the halfway point, it barely works. Tried a few lighters and its been consistently weakened at the same point, so i now have less confidence than before Continue reading

TALL Folding Camp Stove Windscreen Review


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I’m a huge fan of wind screens. Even the tiniest breeze can dramatically affect cooking times in the outdoors. and wind screens act both to stop heat stealing wind, as well as reflecting heat, which further increases heating efficiency. When you use liquid fuel or pressurized gas, where fuel consumption is calculated in minutes instead of hours, every tiny bit of heat efficiency is the absolute order of the day. Continue reading

Solo Scientific Aurora FireStarter Review


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To start with, I don’t know very much about magnesium or other fire-starters, so my review here might be moot for those more experienced.

There are a few main advantages to becoming skilled at using magnesium starters.  First, piezo igniters, often used in gas canister stoves, is basically a crystal that is charged electrically and they begin to fail (work intermittently) at around 10k feet and hardly work at all at around 13k feet, whick means jet lighters won’t work either.  Neither will regular flinter lighters like cheap bics. As they are pressurized and don’t work well in cold weather or high altitudes.   Continue reading