JetBoil Zip Review


JetBoil Zip.

Base stats
– BTU:  4500
– Weight:  12 oz
Stove comparison chart

It’s not the size of the BTU, it’s the efficiency of heat transfer.

The JetBoil Zip has been around a while, and is the lowest cost JetBoil out there.

I already have the JetBoil Sol Aluminum and have been loving it.  But for my wife’s emergency pack, I wanted a JetBoil as well.  Looking at the various models, the JetBoil Zip was the least expensive, so at the risk of missing some features, I picked one up on Amazon. Continue reading


Trangia 27-2 & 25-2 Ul Stove Kit Review

Base stats:
– BTU:  7K (The Trangia burner)
– Weight:  36 oz (2lb 4oz) for the larger 25-2
– Weight:  29 oz (1lb 13oz) for the smaller 27-2
Stove comparison chart

If alcohol fuel (and optionally, also multi-fuel) is more your thing than LPG gas canister stoves, but you want to cook with it and maximize heat efficiency with a really good wind screen, this set is very hard to beat.  Some of the most experienced backpackers swear by these cook sets as they work in horrendous weather conditions, maximize the limited fuel efficiency of the Trangia stove, run silently, and avoids the mess and hassle of setting up and putting away liquid fuel stoves. Continue reading


Primus Eta Power EF Stove Review

PrimusETAPowerEF IMG_8399

Base stats:
– BTU: 7K max (LPG or white gas)
– Weight:  29 oz (1lb 13oz)
Stove comparison chart

As stoves go, the Primus ETA Power EF is an incredibly over-engieered work of art, best suited for a heavy cooking car camping trip.

While definitely not suited for a one person backpacking trip, it could be a great boon on a four person trip when distributing and sharing load. Continue reading


Esbit Cook Set – Alcohol Stove Review

Esbit 5-Piece Trekking Cook Set

Base stats:
– BTU:  7K at the burner
– Weight:  14.7 oz
Stove comparison chart

Esbit CS985HA 5-Piece Lightweight Trekking Cook Set with Brass Alcohol Burner Stove and 2 Anodized Aluminum Pots

The Esbit 5 piece cookset with alcohol stove…. Continue reading