Soto ST-301 (Review)


Subtitle: An expensive replacement for a $30 portable Asian butane stove.

Base stats:
– Usable with wind screen:
– Power: 12,700 BTU
– Weight” 24.9 oz (including carry bag, not including fuel)
– Boil: 35oz to rolling boil in 11 minutes

The skinny: While not a large stove by car camping standards, the ST-301 butane stove, coming in at 1.5 lbs, is a substantial piece of gear with solid metal parts.  There is an attention to detail that is all about being a full on car camping stove, with ruggedness and long life, in a diminutive package. Continue reading

Soto STG-10 Stove Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  9860
– Weight:  12 oz
Stove comparison chart

Every once in a while, a piece of engineering, a gadget, comes along, that is so well done, that I just have to have it.  Do I need it?  No.  Does it really fit in any scenarios I’m thinking of?  Not really.  Does it compare favorably vs. other gear that I know?  Meh.  And yet, it’s a gadget with engineering so attractive, so well designed, that the only way to properly appreciate it, is to use it.

The Soto STG-10 is just such a device.

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Clikstand Appalachian Ti Gas Combo Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  7K (Really the BTU of the Trangia burner)
– Weight:  2.7 oz
Stove comparison chart

If you’re looking for a light Trangia stand that has a good windscreen and fits in a 1L titanium pot, this is a solid buy.

However, if you’re looking to also add the option of a gas stove, take note. There are slits in the triangular wall for the holder “plate” to go into. Continue reading

Bushbox Titanium Outdoor Pocket Stove Review


Base stats
– BTU:  4K-9K (depending on wood)
– Weight:  17 oz including pump (Not including bottle or carry bag)
Stove comparison chart

This little number is not that much lighter than the steel version. I thought it would match the Emberlit mini in weight, but it’s far heavier.

Still, it’s also thicker than the Emberlit, and that gives greater confidence in terms of durability. Continue reading

Trangia 27-2 & 25-2 Ul Stove Kit Review

Base stats:
– BTU:  7K (The Trangia burner)
– Weight:  36 oz (2lb 4oz) for the larger 25-2
– Weight:  29 oz (1lb 13oz) for the smaller 27-2
Stove comparison chart

If alcohol fuel (and optionally, also multi-fuel) is more your thing than LPG gas canister stoves, but you want to cook with it and maximize heat efficiency with a really good wind screen, this set is very hard to beat.  Some of the most experienced backpackers swear by these cook sets as they work in horrendous weather conditions, maximize the limited fuel efficiency of the Trangia stove, run silently, and avoids the mess and hassle of setting up and putting away liquid fuel stoves. Continue reading

Snow Peak LiteMax Stove Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  11K
– Weight:  1.9 oz
Stove comparison chart

I own quite a few of thee types of miniature gas canister stoves. And this would have to be my second favorite of all. It has some wind resistance from being blown out, which is nice, and the flame egress surface faces outwards to cover wider pots. It is also well suited for small pots and any cup designed for this purpose. Continue reading

Optimus of Hiker+ Stove Review

OptimusHiker+  IMG_8408

Base stats:
– BTU:  9,725
– Weight:  3.4 lbs (A bit of a beast)
Stove comparison chart

The Optimus Hiker+  is probably among the most reliable stoves I’ve ever used.  While it may be true that many years ago, it was likely considered a backpacking stove, these days, most folks, me included, use this as a car camping, or home emergency stove, and it works well in that regard.
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Optimus of Sweden Nova+ Stove Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  9,725 (on white gas)
– Weight:  15 oz with pump (not including bottle)
Stove comparison chart

2013 November:  I just picked up the Nova+ at AnyMountain.  There have been some bad reviews of the Nova+ but so far, I can’t find a real fault with it.  Since I already own the Primus omnilite ti (and now a few others), I can compare the two.

[NOTE:  Since this review, I have gathered a few more.  Check the Optimus Polaris Optifuel review for more comparisons with this Nova+. Continue reading

Optimus Vega Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  12,500 in liquid LPG mode, 4,750 in standard LPG mode
– Weight:  6.28 oz
Stove comparison chart

I’ve purchased quite a few gas canister stoves in the search for that perfect one, and also have gotten into  alcohol stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and wood stoves.  Sort of a strange hobby, but comparing these stoves in actual usage is the only real way to understand them.

The Optimus Vega, among LPG stoves, is my first choice when heading out and planning on doing a fair bit of group cooking, while still keeping weight and pack space at a minimum.  Rafting weekends are ideal. Continue reading

Soto Windmaster + 4Flex Stove Review

SotoWindMaster IMG_0774 copy

Base stats:

– BTU:  11K
– Weight:  2.3 oz
Stove comparison chart

Truly the best of the best of compact stand-alone LPG gas canister stoves.  It has become my goto.

While it’s too bad that it doesn’t fit in a cup along with a gas canister and utensil, which would be ideal, this gas canister based unit has one incredible advantage in addition to the wind resistance, and two small negatives. Continue reading

Soto Compact Foldable Stove Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  11K
– Weight:  5 oz
Stove comparison chart

This thing is truly a work of art.

It’s hard to believe that a stove setup could be this small.

This stove has two critical advantages:

First, it’s so small that when all folded up, it can fit inside a GSI Halulite mug (solo) sideways. SIDEWAYS!!! This means that I can have a gas canister, silicone pot holder, tiny folding utensil, AND this stove in the GSI mug and still completely close the silicone lid. Continue reading

Primus OmniLite Ti Stove Review

Base stats:
– BTU:  8900
– Weight:  2.6 lbs (including pump and bottle and bag)
Stove comparison chart

(Long Term use update at bottom)

I own most of the currently sold liquid fuel stoves as well as quite a few older ones, and to my mind, the Primus Omnilite is the best choice of a fairly good sample of liquid fuel stoves for flexibility, compactness, fuel efficiency, and reliability, though, it has couple of small negatives.
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180 Tack 180 Stove Stainless Steel 10.4. Review

180Stove  IMG_7544

Base stats:
– BTU:  4-9K depending on wood
– Weight:  16.2 oz including snow and ash pan
Stove comparison chart


First off, 180 stove sent me a replacement because they wanted to analyse the warping.
That warping was pretty easily cleared up as i was essentially over-abusing the stove, both in terms of going way too hot and cooling things down way too fast. Continue reading

UCO Grilliput Portable Camping Grill Review


Base stats:
– BTU:  4-12K depending on charcoal
– Weight:  2lbs (32 oz)
Stove comparison chart

SHORT ANSWER: Great idea, Kinda Meh.


Here’s the short review: If you can deal with the extra lb, this device is a good device to have in a pinch.
It’s highly compact, weighted well indicating a reasonable level of quality, and because something is better than nothing, I highly recommend this for when wood burning campfires are your only option. Continue reading